About TaraWatch

The Hill of Tara is an important historical site, located in Meath, Ireland. It features ancient sites and monuments, spanning over 5,000 years of history. When plans were approved by the Irish Government to reroute the N3 motorway with the new M3 motorway, this brought jeopardy to the archaeological site. The new M3 four-lane motorway was planned to pass within 15 miles of Tara, presenting significant risk to the the much beloved and fragile historical site.

These plans led to the formation of TaraWatch, an activists group against the plans for the new motorway, believing that the preservation of the Hill of Tara and all of its artefacts is way more important than the construction of the M3. An alternative route to the M3 was offered, that would take the road 6 miles away from Tara, greatly reducing light and noise pollution, as well as air pollution from exhaust emissions. This alternative route would preserve Tara, instead of potentially cause it harm, but the government were keen to go ahead with the plans. This was upsetting to the people that loved the Hill of Tara, which led to TaraWatch taking action, to protecting the 38 ancient sites that would be affected.

TaraWatch raised awareness for their cause through a letter writing campaign, domestic and international protests, and 'Love Tara' marches. They also had an active website, where all the latest news and information on their campaign and the significance of the Hill of Tara was published in a blogs-style format. This is not the official website of TaraWatch, we just admire the work that they did, and their dedication to protecting the astonishing and fascinating archaeological site. We have provided as much information as possible on the activists group, as well as sharing some of the history and ancient discoveries of the Irish landmark.

Unfortunately, the demonstrations, protests and letter-writing campaigns carried our by TaraWatch failed to change the plans for the M3, and the building of the motorway went ahead as initially planned. It has only been 8 years since the M3 opened in 2010, so only time will tell, if it causes significant detrimental effects to the Hill of Tara.