The Summer Solstice on the Hill of Tara

The M3 motorway may have been build, against the wishes of TaraWatch, but even the new road cannot dampen the enthusiasm for an event that has been taking place at the Hill of Tara for 6,000 years, or more...The Summer Solstice. The long standing ritual was once again marked in 2017, as crowds gathered at the Hill of Tara on the twin mounds of Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) and the Mound of Hostages, to witness the sun peek over the eastern horizon at 4.52 am. Many travelled from all over Ireland and even from overseas to witness the spectacle, staying overnight in a makeshift campsite, beside Tara's church.

Summer Solstice is of great importance to the people of Ireland; they know it as Midsummer, and for them it is a time to celebrate the arts, culture and historical sites, like the Hill of Tara. Unlike many other places in Ireland, there is no sunlight alignment at Tara, it still manages to draw in the crowds, thanks to the rich Irish history it has. Among the many visitors at the Tara Summer Solstice celebrations, you may meet the Druids of the Dark Moon Grove, who hold monthly rituals on the hill, as well as being present for the other big events like Samhain and St Brigid's Day (Imbolc).

Someone you are certain to meet at Tara on the Summer Solstice, is local man JP Fay. Each year he informally hosts the celebration, decked out in his garbardine cloak, with the Celtic Goddess of War embroidered on the back. With his horned staff in one hand, he will offer gifts of wine, spirits, meat and fruit, to his ancestors that lived and perhaps ruled, at the Hill of Tara.

If you would like to experience the magic and the wonderful atmosphere of the Summer Solstice at the Hill of Tara, why not take a trip up there this year. You can witness the beauty of the Hill of Tara at the sunrise on 21st of June 2018. It is sure to be something to you will never forget.